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Hello warriors!

In the previous article, we have talked about the economy of the game, the use of the TLW and the reward systems. You can read it carefully by clicking here. Today we are going to talk about the builders and the scholarship systems, something very important for the PVE version of the game.

Builders function and price

In addition to being able to buy resources with our TLW, they can also be invested in builders. Builders are one of the most important elements in a village. They can upgrade, build or rebuild structures, as well as upgrade your Heroes. Each builder will allow you to build or upgrade only one building at a time, so they will be busy until their work is done.

We can have up to a maximum of four constructors, the first being free to obtain, while the second will cost $10, the third $20, and the fourth $40. Of course, they can be purchased in a $50 pack, which we definitely recommend, since it will only be available for a limited time when the game comes out.

Another use of the TLW will be the increase in the leveling speed of our village, accelerating the improvement of the different constructions of it, instantly. It is very important to improve our village, since we will get more rewards and more resources on a daily basis, in addition to being prepared for the launch of the PvP version of the game. We will have a ranking system and rewards will be obtained according to it.

Scholarship System

From The Last War, we want to give everyone the opportunity to play our game, and we believe that the best way is to get both people who cannot afford to enter the game, as well as those who do not have as much time, or want to have more accounts , be benefited.

In this game you can create more than one account and share them with another person, since in each wallet you can create an email and password with which you will log in to the game. The system will be very similar to that of other games, and the percentages of winnings and how they want to be distributed will depend exclusively on the agreement between players.

Of course, it is allowed to transfer heroes between wallets. But it should be clarified that if the scholar breaks the rules of the game, abuses hacks or something similar, the account will be banned and the heroes will be /d.

Nothing else. Tomorrow we will talk about the NFT heroes, their races and their rarities, and how these will influence the game.

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