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Hello warriors!

We know that you were waiting for this article. Today we are going to explain what the economy of The Last War will consist of and how it will work. It should be clarified that this information will be more detailed in the Whitepaper, so we invite you to read it if you have any questions.

Main Economy - Use of TLW and Resources

The economic system will be based on several sources. One of them is the sale and buy of resources between players, in the Marketplace, within the game. Players will be able to exchange their resources with each other using TLW as currency.

Apart from the production of the mines, each day you can make unlimited attacks in PvE mode, but you can only get resources in the first four. As the campaign progresses, the resources gained from attacks will progressively increase. At the beginning you will need to dedicate only 20 minutes maximum per day to finish obtaining all the rewards, but when the PvP mode comes out, this time will increase and it will become more competitive, requiring more time.

TLW rewards in campaign mode

TLW will also be available for certain campaigns upon completion for the first time.

In campaign mode, TLW will be earned in the following campaigns:

  • $10 upon completion of campaign 7.
  • $20 upon completion of campaign 11.
  • $30 upon completion of campaign 15.
  • $40 upon completion of campaign 16.
  • $100 upon completion of campaign 19.

The rewards will be in TLW. This amount can be modified in the future as well as the prices of the accelerators and the constructors.

Future updates and events

What else can you ask for? We also plan to make events in its early days, where we will give away various prizes to the best adventurers who embark on this great journey. Be ready, because the first event will be announced in the next few hours.

Finally, we remind you that the greatest rewards will be for the adventurers who are in the top positions in events or in the future PvP mode ranking, so each player must decide their best strategy and choose whether to sell or buy resources.

The Last War team.